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Reiki is a form of energy healing and a beautiful spiritual healing art. This energy is channeled through a practitioner and used to promote healing and wellbeing. It helps to ease tension and stress as well as support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. This energy can invoke profound states of inner peace and relaxation.


Reiki balances and aligns the energy centers or chakras in the physical and finer bodies, while gently synchronizing and energizing vital meridians and acupuncture points. This technique treats the whole person including the body, emotions, mind, and spirit creating a total healing.


In a Reiki session at Raven's Landing - Cindy Lane Newcomb, you will lay on a massage table in comfortable clothing, while Reiki Master Cindy channels energy through her hands promotes healing and wellbeing. She will help ease tension and stress as well as support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels mentioned before – physical, mental, and emotional.

Seek Help Through Ancient Healing Therapies

Medical Intuitive Native American Healing Session                                                                        

As a medical intuitive, Cindy is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses her self-described intuitive and the Native American medicine to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition in your body. Once this negative block is located, she will assist you in healing the energy of your body to bring it back to homeostasis.

90 min., $156


First-time healing session, 90 min. $182

Follow-up session, 60 min., $130

Aura Reiki Healing

A combination of Usual Reiki and Cindy's own personal signature — incorporating Reiki, healing sounds, meditation, and energy contact points integrated to heal your aura.

60 min., $130

Long-Distance Reiki

Experience the beautiful healing effects of Reiki energy from the comfort of your own home, or on the go. Cindy will use universal energy to send Reiki to you during a phone session.

60 min., phone session - $156

Animal Reiki

Animals experience the same benefits of Reiki energy healing as humans do.

In our office, 60 min., $104

If we come to you, 90 min., $156

Chakra Healing or Balancing

Chakra healing and balancing will remove the negative energy from your aura and infuse positive energy in its place. Negative energy can be so harmful to one's health and outlook on life. Negative energy can prevent you from living the life you want and impedes abundance, prosperity, vibrant health, and simply and plainly brings you bad luck.


Chakras healing, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, and chakra energizing all describe the practice of allowing a flow of harmonious and positive energy within the aura. The aura is, of course, the invisible human energy field which holds the 7 major energy centers known as chakras which run from the base of the spine and up to the crown of the head. The aura should be clear, bright, glowing, and vibrant. Such an aura attracts positive energies and repels negative energies.


Each single chakra relates to a unique part of your being and has a distinct color. The chakras have been likened to energy vortexes that allow vibrant positive energy to flow throughout your body bringing good health and a sense of wellbeing.


However, if one of your chakras becomes blocked or sluggish, you will begin to feel unwell and illness will manifest. It is vitally important therefore to keep your chakras open, healthy, and energized.


This healing session is done using essential oils, crystals, Reiki, and a combination of interdisciplinary healing techniques. You are fully clothed during this healing session.

60 min., $130

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We saw Cindy at the Elmira VFW. She connected with my husband's grandfather, who passed away about a year before. The information she shared was so true to him and our family that when I went home and shared the experience with my skeptical husband, even he had to believe! We all were so touched to know he is really there watching over us!


Penny Arnold

My Heart hasen't sung in a long, long time, but last Saturday, when my Jay came to you (and me), my love soared to heights I didn't know exsited. Jay was the one who dictated the list of priorities, starting with the contract he made me (and you) sign to "move on with my love life." Funny, just like the Jay I remember fifteen years ago, before ALS. In addition, I'm extremely delighted to have spoken with Mom. I'm so happy to know that my loved ones are happy. I can't thank you enough. You're now on my (very short!) list of heroes.


And, by the way, yes, the VA check came - in two days, like Jay said it would.


Man, you are GOOD!!!


I thank you deeply.


Jane Houck