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What do emotions have to do with health and life success? Everything. When we hold harmful and disruptive emotions within our subconscious mind, we find ourselves living a life with various physical symptoms and emotional difficulties, as well as unhealthy behaviors and habits.


Often times, a person attempts to rationalize or talk themselves into healthy change, but finds it is only temporarily effective. Instead, symptoms and difficulties can grow worse or additional symptoms and difficulties can develop.


Hypnosis gives you the unique opportunity to work with the subconscious mind and resolve self-sabotaging and limiting emotions, and release them completely. When you allow your subconscious mind do all the work, you may amaze yourself with how easily and successfully hypnosis works for you.


Hypnotherapy sessions communicate regularly through telepathy. It is the most basic form of communication, an ability we are all born with. As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic skills are pushed aside and become rusty. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills become weak and inefficient. Humans, given the proper mindset and training, have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.  


Cindy has helped several through hypnosis with the following: stress and anxiety, test anxiety, fears, smoking cessation, weight loss, memory recall or enhancement, nail biting, teeth grinding, pain control, skin conditions, allergies and asthma, habit patterns, self-confidence, self-esteem, body image, sleep disorders, problem solving, sports performance, prosperity, manifesting forgiveness, past traumatic events, bed wetting (enuresis), removing blocks, and more!


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I wanted to share with you that i finally got to listen to the hypnosis CD last night and for the first time since my son left a year ago, I slept throught the night!!! Today was the first day since 6/30/16 that I felt any peace at all and actually looked forward to the day. The experience that I had with my son during the hypnosis was amazing!!! I can't thank you enough.


Rhonda Myers