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Does your home have ghosts? Do areas of your home or land give you the creeps? Are you about to move into a new home or have just recently moved in a new home? Is there a great sense of negative energy in your home or in the area where you live? Do areas of the land where your home is make you feel uncomfortable? Does your home have extremely high paranormal activity levels? Do orbs almost always show up in your pictures?


Do you or anyone else within your home experience unusual feelings of being cold; chilled even when the thermometer tells you the room temperature is normal; strange, unexplained sounds in the night such as music, voices or knocking; feeling a presence even when you know you are alone; a strange negative feeling in certain areas of your home, office, or on the land you occupy; the touch of invisible hands; strange odors that have no source; children insisting that there is someone whom you cannot see; unusual "bad luck"; fearful emotions that are not your own?


Cindy can help to clear, cleanse, heal, and rid these energies and entities from your home and land!


She will assist lost souls, carefully helping them and guiding them, then release them into the White Light to further their spiritual advancement to The Other Side. All house clearing and land cleansing will consist of removal of all earthbound entities, plus a thorough clearing of the home and cleansing of the land.


Cindy ends each clearing and cleansing with a vibrational spiritual prayer to remove all negative energy within the etheric atmosphere of the home and on the land. She has been helping clients with clearings, cleansings, and negative energy healing for over twenty years and can help you, too!


Cindy will make a spiritual connection with your home, the land, its surroundings, and any entities that are there and will clear it, cleanse it, and remove all negative energy from within it. This will leave your home and land spiritually refreshed, full of positive energy, and free of earthbound entities! Get in touch with Raven's Landing - Cindy Lane Newcomb to learn more about life coaching services.  

Gain Clarity Through Life Coaching and Spiritual Ministry Services

Life Coaching

A good Life Coach is "on your side," even if you doubt yourself. Cindy will see you for more than you are and help you with concrete strategies to live your life by design. As your life coach, she will help you get clear what your heart's desires really are. Sometimes we do things that are not in accordance with who we are and who we want to be.


Many consider coaching to be a goal-setting job where the coach finds what the client wants and cheerleads them to achieve it. But coaching is much more than that. Your coach holds you accountable to do what you say you will.  


Cindy does not have all "the answers," but together we can help you make a plan tailored to assist you in attaining your goals and life’s purpose.

45 min., $130

House Clearing, Land Cleansing, and Healing of Negative Energy

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Negative energy

Believe, Empower, Connect, Heal

I had a reading by Cindy and she stated I would become pregnant and have a baby boy. I was told by my doctor that I was not capable of getting pregnant again due to a thyroid problem that made me sterile. Well, surprise! I'm pregnant and today had an ultrasound and surprise!! It's a BOY! Cindy is truly so gifted and everything she told me happend just as she stated!




I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful job you did with our group at Hazlitt's Winery. Wow! What an experience! You were dead on with all of your readings. With a group of 16 people I don't know how you did it! You knew about how my dad died suddenly and about how my mother had lost a baby and that she was with him. About how I have my Grandmothers ring and not to give it to my sister. One of the neatest things for Leigh and Greg was that you knew what he and the rest of the guys were talking about, Gettysburg in the vineyards that same day. I think the hardest person for you to read was Janet. Her husband had just recently died and she had been having such a hard time with it. You knew about her previous husband that was abusive to her, about how Chip, her husband, died, about how she sold the 5th wheeler and the motorcycle, two of his most favorite things, and that was ok for him, he was fine with that. I think that this brought some closure for her. A little at least. Well I just wanted to thank you for an amazing reading and can't wait to have you back at the winery.


Ellen Mathers