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Prior to the session, we will do some relaxation techniques and whole body relaxation exercises. The purpose of this is to relax the conscious part of your brain so we can access your subconscious, as this is where we retrieve information on your past lives.  


When we begin the session, Cindy will ask you to relate a couple of events from your current life. It will be easy for you to do; you do it almost every day when you tell somebody about something that happened to you some time ago – a day, a week, a year, or many years – reminiscing from very early childhood. After relating a story or two, you will continue to move easily, sequentially, from those life memories and go back through birth. Then you'll be able to go back through to where you were before birth and to a previous lifetime on earth.  


Everything that has happened to you is stored in your memory. There are different ways in which people store experiences. Although those ways of recording and recalling are unique, to some extent, to each individual, there are some basic categories of how people process information. Contact Raven's Landing - Cindy Lane Newcomb to learn more about past life regression services.

Gain the Value of Knowledge Through Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

The value of knowledge of past lives is to gain wisdom and understanding that will help or clarify issues in your current life. What was the purpose of that life? What was your purpose upon entering this current life and are you fulfilling that purpose?


The Regressionist will guide you (not lead you) through the process. Similar patterns from past and present life may be revealed, giving you more understanding of your life’s journey. Understanding the past builds gives you a whole new perspective on your current life. It can have a profound positive impact on your current life.


Initiating issues may be:

  • What is blocking me from reaching my goal?

  • What is my purpose in this lifetime?

  • Why are my relationships failing?

  • What is the source of my fears, behaviors, etc.?

  • Why am I always attracted to___?

  • Why am I afraid to put myself out there?

  • Why do I procrastinate or self-sabotage?

  • Fears or phobias

  • Anxiety, grief, PTSD, and OCD

  • Fear of being judged

  • Need for perfectionism (not good unless I am perfect)

  • Not good enough

  • Feeling unlovable


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I found that the opportunity of having a private session with Cindy was both informative and impressive.


Cindy's natural ability of insight and beyond is a true gift she offers to all. During my session there were many topics and situations that came up allowing me a better insight and creating a sense of calmneses and peace.


Afterwards my feelings of having a stronger base and being secure and confident were enhanced. My path is far more focused, clean and positive.


Nancy C. Dubendorfer